You can also view controls before starting a game.

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Keyboard Controls:

N64 Controller (Default)

NES Controller (Default)

SNES Controller (Default)

SEGA Controller (Default)

Gameboy Controller (Default)

Gameboy Advance Controller (Default)

PSX Controller (Default)


Neo Geo (Default)

NDS (Default)

If you want or need to you can download Joy2Key (or JoyToKey)
JoyToKey is “Shareware”. You can freely download it and evaluate it without any limitation in functionality.

Setting it up is pretty simple, just setup keys on the keyboard to represent the buttons on the controller. If you want to support the creator, its a cost of $7.00.
Ive tried it on a few games and it works perfect. (I use a PS4 controller)

Save/Load game (Default)

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